I was driving to pick up our youngest, our daughter, after her college class was over for the evening. Thinking about how our oldest, our son, turned 25 today. He is away overseas in the military. I had teased him earlier in the day, how he is a quarter of a century old. Then, I thought of the fact that my husband and I are going to be 50 within two years. It made me think of how we are knocking on half a century. All of a sudden I had an anxiety attack. I am getting older, how did the years just fly by?

I had an epiphany. I laughed. The years did not just fly by unfulfilled, they were mighty full years. What I was feeling at the moment was the reconciliation about life.  You know when life sort of flashes before your eyes. Though, not about life or death, you know it normally comes in spades when something traumatic happens, but the questioning of how you lived your life, and what you accomplished. 

I realized that reconciliation was the perfect word to describe what I wanted to accomplish with the blog. I want it to be a voice of reconciliation for all past, present, and future moments that leave us feeling without a voice. 

Just consider all that we must reconcile in life from our creation, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Everything we go through is an expression whether good or bad and leaves an impression on us either good or bad. 

May this blog be a voice of reconciliation. 

Merriam Webster’s definition of reconciliation is the action of reconciling : the state of being reconciled

Published by Voice of Reconciliation

We all need a voice and this is my platform to help others and myself share our thoughts.

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