The Toilet Paper Massacre

Otherwise known as Coronavirus: Covid-19 – Pandemic 2020

This year quietly walked in with occasional flu’s which some say might have been the Covid-19 virus. There are some who said they had an extreme flu, yet didn’t register as a flu, and eventually they were healthy again. Over the past few months this pandemic has spiraled out of control causing us all over the world to run for cover. Course not all have taken the virus in all seriousness. Sadly, worldwide this virus has taken so many lives. We are in the middle of the pandemic and hoping that the curve will happen soon to start flattening out the virus. 

Locally in both St Louis, Missouri and the Metro East on the Illinois side we have seen a rise over the last few weeks in both active cases and deaths. The Governors in both states have issued stay at home measures for non-essential personnel.  Course there are some who question as to what actually is essential personnel? We know that many brave souls are working around the clock in the medical field, first responders, gas station employees, grocery store clerks, drive thru personnel feeding us, and even the military in some states. Course I have heard where security personnel, stockers, and clerks had to work because people are still buying products, hopefully via the internet and not in person. The more we continue to do, more people are exposed, but maybe it keeps some employed who might otherwise lose their jobs?  Two sides to that coin. 

After both sides have battled it out and the “government” has finally made some provisions for us little people. Sad how everyone wants to put their hands in the cookie jar and expect a piece of the pie when the government tries to step in to push a much-needed emergency bill. To me the mindset is holding, “We the People” hostage. Leverage at its finest…  Guess it is alright as long as it is your political side? Smh… Independent voter and thinker here… Hopefully the many who are without work right now due to mandatory quarantine will find some relief with what is going to be shared. I do worry about those who have been told to go home and have no income coming in and no vacation time to help offset it. My prayers are with you. My prayers are also with those sick and their families.

What I have seen come out of this pandemic. Neighbors and friends actually visiting more via phone calls, texting, Facebook, facetime, and Instant Messaging. People yelling niceties back and forth over the fence.  People slowing down and appreciating others around them. Except for the crazy toilet paper hoarders.  

Year 2034. Aliens looking down at earth from the vessel. What happened to earth? I heard that they were wiped out by toilet paper… 

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