Such a Time as This…

As in Ecclesiastes there is nothing new under the sun except maybe the names of the plagues, as disagreements among people still happen, and sin is still rampant. Life still brings in new births and death still closes out chapters.  

The current chapter has not closed out on our modern-day plague of the Coronavirus, the Covid-19. Although, it is May, there is some hope, and coming promise of life returning to a functioning for society. Though, it is still a hurry up and wait situation.

As far as myself, I am living in my own chaos. Our family has made the decision to move back to the area my husband grew up from as a teenager, in the mountains of West Virginia. We lived there from our third year of marriage till our tenth year of marriage.  Seven years of time spent between living out on the rim of a tiny country town, then moving into the city to help start an inner-city mission church.  

I have been spending my time keeping up with things of daily of living with my husband working from home, and our daughter doing her college work from home. I am now glad that finals have come and now we can focus of other things. Today, we celebrated two sets of friends graduating from college but not being able to have commencement ceremonies. So, celebrations have become car parades in front of one’s homes. Thankfully, parades are not totally despised by neighbors and helps to break up the crazy monotony of abnormal Covid-19 plagued schedules. 

The things I have been focusing on during this time: sorting and packing our home for our move to Charleston, West Virginia area, researching and writing on my current historical fiction novel, and as my brain does not slow down I often contemplate the things I want to write about for both my blog or other future novels.

My passion in writing stems from stories of people’s lives whether my own, or friends I have met along this journey. There are many stories that are left unsaid, due to being very painful, or unbelievable even to those who lived it, but often ones that would help others navigate the twists and turns of their own lives. Encouragement comes in support, knowing you are not alone, or even just validating that you survived. 

If you have a story to that you would like to share, email me, and we will discuss whether it should be shared here on the blog, Voice of Reconciliation. Be encouraged, you are not alone. 

Here at, Voice of Reconciliation, we reconcile Life’s story, one story at a time. 

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We all need a voice and this is my platform to help others and myself share our thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Such a Time as This…

  1. I participated in a drive-by birthday party yesterday. I will admit it is something that I have never done before and had it not been for Covid-19 It would not have happened. So the positive is I tried something new, the negative it was because of a pandemic. We will be torn in life, pulled many ways, but with family, friends, and God to talk it out with we will make it. So excited that you are writing a book!

    1. We often are scared of the unknown and what it may have in store for us. Though, not all things unknown are bad we just have no clue how to adjust to what is outside of our realm. It can be scary taking the step forward into the unknown. I found early in life, because we moved a lot, that I had to be brave, and make choices if I wanted to have someone to talk with instead of sitting by myself. My mom told me on the first day of school to go cheer up a little girl that was sitting at a table by herself crying. I stopped crying, went over, and made a new friend… I am excited to hear you found something enjoyable in something that was unique, and made your day more exciting. Thank you for encouraging me in my writing. I look forward to the adventures I find while writing both here and in my novels. Stay tuned till next time. Julia

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