Hello, October…

Hello October,

I have been trying to find time to sit and write. You know when you have not seen a friend in a while, and there are so many things you want to catch them up on… I have had so many weird things, yes, weird things happen in my life since May that I am going to try to fill you in, and that is not even the other things I had hoped to share with you. Oi!

We found a home and land in West Virginia. We packed and packed… The move has finally happened…  We are exhausted… 

Coronavirus, Covid-19, is still front-page news… Every country hit with it has tried their own methods to combat it. Some have done better than others. I hear Sweden may be worth listening too… Lots of blame from beginning to and an end that none know when it will be in sight… Like child abductions and rapes, are they happening more now, or have they always been happening, but technology has advanced, or media keeps what they want front and center? Do we get as much coverage on the annual flus that supposedly kills more people? I wonder if this is the new Black Plague, AIDS pandemic… Notice how we do not hear much about them anymore… They are still viruses destroying lives… There are people who have the antibodies. There are people that have no symptoms yet positive. There are those who get it and have to be on ventilators. There are those who get it and die. So far President Trump and First Lady have tested positive and being cared for by doctors. It appears he is being released to go home soon.  

Gearing up for our every four-year political fest, the United States Presidential Election. Some years it goes down in pretty normal fashion, television coverage, political smears, and Facebook drama. This year appears to be one of those years with much angst on television, social media, Facebook, and every talk show there ever was…  Time to be part of the solution or avoid and find a mountain to find solitude in the chaos? Remember, do not be upset if you do not go and vote. Voting is your voice…

Do you love your neighbor as yourself? We see things going on around us, and it can be hard to wrap your head around it. Smoking mirrors, political agendas, and no accountability… I have lived in over 50 places, 3 countries, and have seen many things in my 48 years on earth. What has not changed is, somedays you find a kind heart, someone helping you not for gain, but to just further you along your path safely. Going along that path we hope that all will be kind and courteous, but it is not so. There are others who do not have care, and concern about others. Some are due to evil reasons, and agendas. Some are due to mental illness. Some are due to the fact that they were not taught about having sympathy for others. Do you know the difference between sympathy and empathy? These are just some of the basket of goodies to look forward too…

Diabetes… It sucks lemons… Been a rough year on the diabetic front. Do you know the difference between Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes? This is important and we will cover on a future post. I have had some crazy moments in the past few months. Two come to mind… Type 1 is serious as you do not make any insulin and require hourly insulin to survive. I started on a pump back in December and it was not a smooth transition… I will share crazy stories as they need their own platform… Talking about stand-up comedy…

Food, who doesn’t want to talk about food? I love food! I love food that is delicious. It needs to have good flavor, adequate spices, and of course good for you. Though, there are many discussions as to what food is good for you. My journey with diabetes has led me to my own assumptions. We can have fun on this journey because we can try out recipes and rate them. 

I have some ideas that I plan on talking to friends about sharing their stories here because we all have stories that need to be shared. I hope to be posting with more consistency. Can you bear with me as I get things rolling…? You might find somethings boring or even outrageous. I can not promise you will not be miffed or even excited to share your own thoughts. How I plan on incorporating others is in an interview conversation format. Over time I would like to incorporate both photography, video, audio inserts, and written submissions. 

If your curious about the types of things I would like to discuss they could be, but not limited to the good, the bad, and ugly of relationships. Life situations and surviving the adventures along life’s journey. Day to day needs that we might need a bit of freshening as to what information might help and possibilities of how to handle them. Like any of us have all the answers, right? 

You game to jump on board and take a ride with us? Stay tune and follow… Sign up your email to keep up to date on new posts.


Just one of many sharing their voices, to reconcile life’s story one story at a time… 

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