Pivot and Finding Passion

Last year, while listening to, The Dave Ramsey Show, I learned about, The Ken Coleman Show. He has a passion for helping others figure out their passion, and bringing it to fruition. I started listening to, The Ken Coleman Show, podcast. People would call in with varying situations whether they were laid off, or tired of the same job that was not fulfilling their lives, but new better than just quitting a job before finding another one. You know, job stability, the pay check plan of keeping a roof over your head and food in your mouth…

I was fascinated listening to others talk about unhealthy work environments creating stressful work relations, being overwhelmed, and not knowing how to handle the situations. Ken would help them work through scenarios of what they would do if they had the opportunity to make the great escape. Sometimes, we just need a bit more insight that is just past our finger tips with understanding, feedback, and affirmation that these ideas may be good, or a bad path to travel down.

My background consisted of bookkeeping, accounts payables, accounts receivables, photography, real estate, customer service, sewing time period costumes, painting, and refurbishing furniture. I enjoy challenges, the creative aspects of photography and sewing, and working with people. Unfortunately, there have been situations where customers were unappreciative of my time and would not show up for scheduled shoots, photography of itself not valued, then time and technical processes that were needed to create the artistic pieces were undervalued by not following through with purchases. Sometimes in the corporate world work ethic was not valued, personality conflicts happen, good upper management is lacking, lay offs would happen, and we just had to pivot…  

After being laid off from the corporate world it left a nasty taste in my mouth for working for others who do not appreciate you. No one wants to be discouraged, everyone wants to be needed, and valued.

It already was a rough year with four good friends passing away, four of our fur babies passed away due to illness, then I was laid off. I decided to have foot surgery to correct bunions and severe arthritis. Due to some medication that caused some unpleasant side-affects my podiatrist had me go to my cardiologist for approval for surgery.

The cardiologist decided that we should do a cardiac catherization to be on the safe side before moving forward signing off approval for foot surgery. The results were good and minimal stenosis 20-30% and was let go to go home and rest. I went straight home and rested but by the end of the week I was still hurting. By Monday a week, I knew something was not right even tried some home remedies to alleviate the abdominal pain.  Nothing seemed to help. I decided to go to the ER. Thankfully, I did go when I did as it turns out, I had been hemorrhaging into my abdomen. The pain was blood pouring into my lower abdomen. I was admitted and spent the next three days in the ICU being monitored and tests ran to make sure things were safe and bleeding had subsided. 

I went home and rested. It took a few months before the blood reabsorbed, the pain did not subside right away, and so I had to take it easy. By that time, I was definitely in a funk, and depressed. I was mad. I was in shock that I could have bled to death. I was angry because I needed the foot surgery. Worried that my feet will continue to get worse and get gnarly like some with severe bunions and arthritis. I did not want to be old, and have disfigured feet where I could not walk. I had been laid off, had planned to get back out there, and look for another job. I was beside myself…

To keep my mind from going insane I listened to, The Ken Coleman Show, on pod cast. Ken has a way with asking the important questions, helping us to move passed what we somehow see as every doubt we can imagine, fear that we might fail, or become bums due to financial ruin. Sometimes, we do not see what is right in front of us, the natural talents, and gifts God gave us. Ken provides enough reflection to see what is already there, to be brave, how to prepare for that adventure, and even figuring out when is the best time to do so…

I have had a love for people since I was almost two when I met all of my grandparents for the first time, with my parents returning from Australia. I became best friends with my grandmother Esther, and adored my grandparents Charlie, Frances, and step-grandfather, Smile. Esther passed away from a heart attack just a little over 18 months later. I was devastated as seen in my actions. My mom found me talking on phone with the operator about missing my grandmother, Esther. This broke my heart; I remember it all too well. Also, I would run off, visit with neighbors, even a great aunt down the road, and I was only 4 years old. 

So, in October 2019, I decided to start seeing a counselor. After explaining all the above to her she told me that it was no wonder how I was feeling. She said the word to describe my year was, grief. I told her about what Ken Coleman had shared on his pod cast and how it encouraged me. After much prayer I believed it was time to get serious about my writing. I had been writing stories, and had even played around with a blog a few times over the years. Now, I felt was the right time. I had found my passion. I had come into this world experiencing a plethora of adversities, and a passion for talking about important life issues, I wanted to give voice to myself, and others. 

I decided what better way to incorporate my love for people, photography, writing, and giving voice to crazy situations in life that needed to be heard, by blogging. It could not have come at a better time as I was officially diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic not Type 2, October 2019, as originally thought since 2012. Life was changing, I needed to make some changes, and decided to pivot. Sometimes, we need a nudge to try something new. Sometimes, we need to be brave, and pivot. So, I pivoted, and found my passion.

Go check out, The Ken Coleman Show, on podcast, his website, and Youtube.

Thank you for coming to visit, Voice of Reconciliation, my blog to reconcile life’s stories, one story at a time… If you enjoy reading, please follow and share with your friends. Thank you…  Julia

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