Untangling Balloons

Is hindsight really 2020? Seems to me 2021 does not have much promise to be different. I had ample time to catch up on my favorite podcasts over 2020. I actually went back and started fresh on a few. Who knew in December through March that what many were planning for 2020 would be canceled.Continue reading “Untangling Balloons”

Pivot and Finding Passion

Last year, while listening to, The Dave Ramsey Show, I learned about, The Ken Coleman Show. He has a passion for helping others figure out their passion, and bringing it to fruition. I started listening to, The Ken Coleman Show, podcast. People would call in with varying situations whether they were laid off, or tiredContinue reading “Pivot and Finding Passion”

My Diabetic Adventure…

I am not a doctor just sharing my crazy adventure on this journey. The wonderful world of diabetes is figuring out how to regulate the body to get enough insulin to process the blood glucose in the pancreas and liver.  Do you know the liver stores glucose in case we have a famine? Do you knowContinue reading “My Diabetic Adventure…”

Hello, October…

Hello October, I have been trying to find time to sit and write. You know when you have not seen a friend in a while, and there are so many things you want to catch them up on… I have had so many weird things, yes, weird things happen in my life since May thatContinue reading “Hello, October…”

Such a Time as This…

As in Ecclesiastes there is nothing new under the sun except maybe the names of the plagues, as disagreements among people still happen, and sin is still rampant. Life still brings in new births and death still closes out chapters.   The current chapter has not closed out on our modern-day plague of the Coronavirus, theContinue reading “Such a Time as This…”